Cheriton Cycle Jumble 17 July 2021 Update

It is still happening

We have 20 sellers so far and I probably have a few more on my answering machine to deal with. Spent the last week working at a farm auction!  There is space for many more sellers.

Some things have changed

Due to the Covid restrictions extension and delayed building works the Flower Pots were unable to host the event. The jumble will be on the other side of the road on the Rugby/Football field which is connected to the gravelled car park. Please visit the Flower Pots to get some takeaway beer, drink beer or have lunch after the event.

Cheriton Cycle Jumble Field

Cheriton Cycle Jumble Field


Will either be from a gazebo at the top of the field. Tea, Coffee, Cake and something else.

Cycle Auction

A lot of people locally seem to have bikes they would like me to sell including a Raleigh 531 Ventura gents bike in good nick. Hopefully during Sunday 11th I will have a draft catalogue and photos.


The BBC says 19 deg C at 9am and 23 deg C at noon and less than 1% chance of rain. BBC Weather

See you in a couple of weeks.

Cheriton Cycle Jumble Car Parking

Cheriton Cycle Jumble Car Parking

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